Gadgets That Fascinate the Mind

By | May 5, 2023

Technology nowadays never seems to disappoint us, as amazing inventions and innovations that are simply a wonder to behold are being introduced into the market. Never would we have imagined that planes would one day go as fast as sound, trains would run underwater and information would be at the tip of our fingers. Surprised by what the world has to offer, hold your horses as there is more where that came from as gadgets nowadays are at the highest technological capabilities.One such example of cool gadgets that can be found in stores would be television sunglasses. Surprised by the word television incorporated into this innovation? Then you’d certainly find this gadget interesting as once you put these sunglasses on, you would be able to watch movies that you want by just plugging your micro SD card into one of its slots. You’ll not only be able to watch high definition movies from your sunglasses but also, audio capabilities are also incorporated into the device which would be suitable for use when you’re bored; at the backseat of a car or even when you’re on a flight.Another gadget that has just been introduced into the market is the voice enabled graphical pen. This is no ordinary pen that you would imagine, where it enables one to write anything on a piece of paper that she/he wishes to and in that picture or word written by that person, the pen records down audio that is conveyed during that period. Once that is done, the image is directly transferred to a computer or laptop where when it is clicked the audio is automatically played. This feature would be exceptionally useful for students and also for meetings.Illuminating book covers are another cool gadget that certainly makes reading a whole new experience. Ever had the problem of having lack of lighting while reading? If that’s the case this invention would certainly fit your purpose if you’re an avid reader as it allows you to illuminate the pages that you are reading. A cover is fitted over the book and once the light bulb that is built into the cover’s spine is pulled out, the bulb automatically lights up. This gadget also uses an external power source and its battery life lasts for quite a long time.